Big Boy Fibre Glass Repair Kit

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Big Boy Fibre Glass Repair Kit

  • Kit includes all that is required for Fibre Glass repairs and molding
  • Fastens to nearly all materials including brick, metal, plastic, wood and many more
  • Suitable for mending car body panels, boats, plastic pools, ponds and household
  • Can also bond holes and pad cracks and splits in pipes & gutters

Looking for a versatile repair kit? Big Boy Fibre Glass works on a massive variety of surfaces, such as brick, metal, plastic wood, aluminium and glass fibre. Effortlessly fixing cracks, holes & splits, Big Boy Fibre Glass is so simple to use.  The soft, bendy Fibre Glass mat can be snipped to proportion and then, once drenched in activated resin will create a strong GRP structure which will forever keep its sculpted shape. When firm, the Fibre Glass protects against oil, grease and petrol and can combat temperatures of up to 80°C.

How to use

  1. Make sure that the surface to be fixed is dry and has no dirt, grease, rust, paint and other contaminants on it.
  2. Coursen the surface to be fixed with a rough abrasive paper
  3. When bonding sizeable holes, assemble the surrounding section for a minimum of 20mm around the flawed area.
  4. Snip a correct amount of Fibre Glass mat to apply to the section to be fixed.
  5. Spread Fibre Glass on surface, overlapping each coat and drench with activated resin using a brush.
  6. The surface should no longer be wet within 50-70 minutes (drying time may change depending on surrounding temperature).
  7. Additional durability may be gained by applying an extra coat of Fibre Glass and activated resin.
  8. Cut away any extra Fibre Glass with a sharp knife when firm.
  9. For a flawless result, administer choice of body filler, sand smooth and paint to appropriate colour.  

Kit Contains:

  • 242g Resin
  • 20g Hardener
  • Mixing Cup
  • Application Brush
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Glass Fibre Mat (60x40cm)

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