Carplan Tetroseal Wax Oil Clear 5L

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Tetroseal Wax/Oil Rustproof Clear 5 L


Tetroseal Wax/Oil Rustproofing is a powerful blend of oil, waxes, corrosion inhibitors and dewatering agents, combining to form a heavy duty rust preventative. It is designed to kill old rust and provide all-round internal rust protection for automotive vehicles, as well as equipment and machinery exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Tetroseal Wax/Oil displaces water from metal surfaces and vehicle crevices and forms a flexible heat resistant film which will not re-run on the inside of panels, extending the vehicle life and helping to maintain value. Silicone-free for use in vehicle body shops.


  1. For ease of application during cold weather, Tetroseal Wax/Oil can be thinned with up to 20% white spirit. Alternatively, warm the product by allowing it to stand in hot water (with the cap removed) for approximately 40 minutes.
  2. Ensure the surface to be treated is dry and free from old flaking underbody sealant, loose rust, dirt and grease.
  3. Mask off grease nipples, etc., with tape or newspaper.
  4. Avoid overspray on driveways, cover all areas required to protect from dripping
  5. Shake tin well before use.
  6. For trade use, spray at a pressure of 70-90 psi (bar 5/6) and at a distance of 30-50cm. For smaller applications/DIY use, a trigger spray is recommended. Tetroseal Wax/Oil may also be applied with a brush.
  7. When rust proofing, apply Tetroseal Wax/Oil through existing access holes in the vehicle and underpan where possible.
  8. Following a complete anti-rust treatment, allow the vehicle to stand in a well ventilated area for 3-4 hours with open windows so excessive vapours can escape.


IMPORTANT: Ensure all equipment is cleaned immediately after application with white spirit, followed by hot, soapy water. Keep container sealed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost.



Boot & bonnet, Sills & underbody, Floors & box sections, Behind lights, bumpers & trim, wheel arches, Door panels.


NOTE: Tetroseal Wax/Oil should not be applied to drum brakes, brake discs or pads, C.V. joints or rubber gaitors/shrouds. Do not apply directly to rubber or plastic components- if contact does occur, remove excess product with a cloth.

Supplementary Information.

  • Designed to kill old rust
  • Can be applied to: Door sills, under wings, wheel arches, boot lids and engine bonnets
  • Provides all-round internal rust protection for vehicles, as well as equipment and machinery exposed to outdoor weather conditions
  • Helps to extend vehicle life and to maintain value

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