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E-Tech Engine Enamel Paint - 250ml

E-TechItem Number: EE01-BK

Size: 250ml
Colour: Black
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E-Tech Engine Enamel Paint - 250ml

The E-TECH Engine Enamel is a high quality, long lasting, gloss paint specially formulated with a ceramic resin to cope with temperatures up to 250°C and is ideal for use on most engine parts and components.

 It is ideal for painting engine blocks, valves and rocker covers, gear casings and many other components and brackets.



  • Long lasting high quality gloss finish
  • Easy to use and apply – brush on application
  • Resists oil, engine additives, chemicals, road salt and weathering
  • Excellent durability – chip & crack resistant formula
  • Heat rated to 250°C



  • Can Size 250ml – re-sealable so enables repairs and touch-ups when needed.

  • It is a brush on application so simple to apply, quick drying and provides a hard, chip resistant, long lasting finish which retains its colour due to the high pigment content.


  • For best results ensure the engine or part you are painting and the paint are at room temperature before use (approx. 17°C to 21°C)
  • For best results apply in a warm, dry and dust free area
  • Use a steel brush to remove loose dirt and rust deposits from surface to be painted
  • Then clean area to be painted thoroughly with a degreaser, remove all traces of silicone, oil, dirt, grease etc.
  • Mask off any area that you do not want to be painted
  • The area to be painted must be completely dry and clean before you start.
  • When applying to aluminium, rusty and smooth surfaces ensure that the surface is etched properly before applying using E-TECH Etch Primer (Part Number: ER00112)

  • Stir paint thoroughly for a minimum of 2 minutes
  • Apply paint with a brush in a thin, even coat avoiding runs and droplets
  • Leave to dry for 30 minutes before applying a second coat
  • Repeat process until desired effect is achieved
  • Leave to dry for a further 2 hours before starting the engine. Only drive/use the engine (vehicle) when the enamel is completely dry. On some surfaces you may need to apply 2 or 3 coats to achieve the desired finish.

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Free UK Delivery Free shipping for all orders over £25*
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