E-Tech Metallic Silver Alloy Wheel Paint Touch-Up Stick 12ml

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Colour: Silver
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The E-TECH Alloy Wheel Paint Touch-Up Sticks have been developed for repairing minor damage to wheels which have been kerbed, scuffed or scratched.
The touch-up stick comes with a precision brush that is great for painting damaged areas in the wheel leaving a professional finish.
E-TECH Alloy wheel Paint's provide a durable coating which is resistant to brake dust, cleaning chemicals and road salt and dries to a hard, chip resistant, long lasting finish


  • A medium metallic silver with great reflective qualities and depth

Surface preparation

We recommend that you remove the wheel to be painted from the vehicle. Please ensure that you follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations to perform this task. If you are not confident in removing the wheel safely please contact a qualified mechanic.

Clean the wheel thoroughly; remove all traces of brake dust, silicone, polish, wax, dirt, grease etc. Use a cleaner non-injurious to paintwork e.g. Pre paint degreaser.Dry the wheel thoroughly.

Using a medium grade abrasive paper or file, remove any flaking lacquer or paint that has lifted or bubbled and sand back any oxidized aluminium. If you have any deep scuffs, scratches or dents we recommend you fill them using E-Tech Alloy Wheel Putty (Part No AWP-01). This can be shaped and sanded easily to repair the wheel surface. End the prep work with a light sanding using a fine grade abrasive paper for a smooth finish. Wash and dry the wheel thoroughly to remove any dust and debris.

• If you are not sure about the colour compatibility carry out a test on a small inconspicuous area similar to that being painted to check you are happy with the colour. Please note this is an acrylic based paint.

Painting instructions

• For best results ensure the touch-up stick is at room temperature before use (approx 17°C to 21°C).

• For best results paint in a warm, dry and dust free area.

• Shake touch-up stick thoroughly for 1-2 minutes.

• Apply in thin layers until the desired finish is achieved

• Leave approx. 10-15 minutes between coats

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