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E-Tech Restored Headlight Clear Coat 200ml

E-TechItem Number: ER00165

Colour: Clear
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E-TECH Restored Headlight Clear Coat 200ml

The E-TECH Restored Headlight Clear Coat is a unique clear coat lacquer is specially formulated to be the final stage for any plastic/ polycarbonate headlight lens restoration. It replaces the original discoloured cloudy top layer that will have been removed during the reconditioning/restoration process.

Once applied the clear coat dries to a hard long lasting, chip resistant, durable finish that acts as a barrier sealing the surface and resisting UV rays and future deterioration.

This product should not be confused with most other ‘liquid solutions’ that wash off and need reapplying on a regular basis!

  • Can Size: 200ml
  • Finish: Clear high gloss
  • Pack contains: 1 x can of Restored Headlight Clear Coat, 1 x Surface Preparation Sachet


  • Permanent lens surface sealer for restored headlights
  • Resistant to UV rays and environmental conditions
  • Non yellowing formula
  • Tough Scratch Resistant and impact resistant coating
  • Produces a water tight seal over the lens surface
  • For use on clear plastic/polycarbonate headlight lenses that have had the surface restored or reconditioned to return them back to a clear state. This clear coat is the final stage in the restoration/reconditioning process as it seals the exposed surface of the headlight lens.
  • After the final polishing stage wash the light lens to remove all traces of dirt, dust, polish and wax, then dry thoroughly.
  • Mask off the area around the headlight to protect against over spray.
  •  For best results ensure the can is at room temperature before use (approx. 15ºC to 25ºC) and spray in a warm, dry and dust free area.
  • Avoid spraying in cold, damp, humid conditions.
  • Open the sachet provided in the cap and wipe one side of the tissue over one of the lenses and the other side of the tissue over the other lens. Rub the tissue over the entire surface as this will remove any last traces of wax, polish and finger prints etc which may impede the performance of the spray.
  • Shake can vigorously for a minimum of 2 minutes before use.
  • The lens is now ready to be sprayed.
  • Hold can 20-30cm (8"-12") from surface and spray using a smooth side to side motion avoiding any runs.
  • Apply coating in thin even layers with 3 to 4 minutes drying time between each layer (coat).
  • Shake can between layers (coats).
  • After spraying the final layer (coat) the surface will be tack-free after 1 hour and hardened within 4 hours. Do not drive the car within this period. Do not wash car for 24 hours.

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