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Mannol Central Hydraulic Fluid 8990

MANNOLItem Number: MN8990-1ME

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MANNOL Central Hydraulic Fluid 1L

High-quality and highly effective multi-purpose synthetic hydraulic fluid withashless additives, developed for central hydraulic systems of modern cars -Central Hydraulic Fluid (CHF). Designed based on the highest requirements ofautomakers for use over the entire life of the vehicle. 

Product properties: 
- Can be used year-round, even in extremely cold winters, due to ultra-lowpour point (-51°C and below). Maintains excellent starting properties, and hightemperature (upper limit of operating temperature +130°C); 
- Maintains stable viscosity and fluidity even at low temperatures due to theextremely high viscosity index; 
- Offers optimum coefficient of friction and improved extreme pressureproperties; 
- Compatible with all kinds of hoses and sealants to prevent leakage; 
- Excellent shear stability prevents viscosity changes at high loads; 
- Very high chemical, thermal and antioxidant stability increases engine life andresistance to foaming; 
- Actively protects against corrosion and wear; 
- Reduces the noise of the pump and ensures smooth operation of thesteering wheel and comfort while driving. 

Intended for central hydraulic systems of cars, as well as for power steeringsystems, hydropneumatics suspension systems with level control, shockabsorbers, traction control system (ASR) and electronic stability controlsystems (ESC), start-stop systems, air conditioning pumps, central lockingsystems, and electro-hydraulic convertible roof drives. Fully compatible withoriginal hydraulic fluids. Do not mix with non-original hydraulic, brake, coolingfluids and solvents. 

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Free UK Delivery Free shipping for all orders over £25*
60 Days Return Return unused products for your money back