Mannol Energy Formula LR 0W-30

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MANNOL MN7922 Energy Formula LR 0W-30 5L

Innovative universal energy-saving ester-containing fully synthetic premium engine oil specially developed for diesel and petrol engines of LAND ROVER and JAGUAR vehicles.


  • The ester components of the oil provide excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties due to the exceptional durability of the oil film, which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increases the service life of the engine even in “start-stop” driving conditions;
  • Saves fuel due to reduced HTHS and excellent anti-friction properties;
  • Provides easy cold starting due to excellent turnability and pumping properties, which significantly reduces engine starting wear;
  • Has optimum viscosity over a wide temperature range to ensure stable engine operation in all operating conditions, even under overload;
  • The synthetic base ensures low evaporation and consequently low operating consumption;
  • Due to its excellent detergent-dispersant properties and high thermal-oxidative stability, it efficiently prevents all kinds of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire interval between oil changes;
  • Due to its high thermal-oxidative stability, it resists ageing effectively, thus extending the oil change intervals;


  • Compatible with all exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR thanks to Low SAPS technology;
  • Suitable for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Petroleum Gas (LPG) engines.
  • Suitable for JAGUAR LAND ROVER group petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light delivery trucks meeting EURO III, IV, V standards with catalyst (TWC) and particulate filters (DFP/FAP), where SAE 0W-30 oil or ACEA C2 compliant oil is recommended.

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