Mannol Motor Flush 300 ml

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MANNOL Motor Flush 300ml

Motor Flush is a Special cleaner for removing sediments, dirt, sludge and wear products of engine parts, including the most inaccessible elements of the oil system.

Product Properties:
- Cleans the oil system and filter nets of oil pumps. During the washing process, it provides reliable lubrication, preventing wear of engine parts. Due to the unique composition of detergent-dispersing additives, it guarantees highly effective and safe removal of carbon deposits, including from the bottom of the piston;
- Removes both oil-soluble and non-oil-soluble contaminants;
- Cleaning is gentle for all parts and components of the engine and does not harm them;
- Neutral to the seals used;
- It is miscible with all types of engine oils (mineral and synthetic, etc.) and can be used for flushing any gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbocharging, with or without exhaust gas cleaning systems;
- Completely removed from the system along with old oil.

Application: at the operating temperature of the engine, add the contents of the container to the used engine oil before replacing it. After 10 minutes of engine idling, drain the used oil, replace the filter and fill in the new oil (you CAN't DRIVE the CAR UNTIL THE new OIL is FILLED in!).

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