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MANNOL Pro Cool 5L

A hybrid (HOAT – Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) high-technology ready-touse solution for two-wheeled motor vehicles (not requiring being diluted andprotecting the cooling system at up to -40°С) with excellent operatingproperties designed for a year-round use in any modern cooling system forwhich the use of mono-ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze is recommended.It ensures a reliable protection of any cooling system of two-wheeled motorvehicles. 

Product properties: 
- It ensures an enhanced and stable protection of metals and alloys (brass,copper, alloy-treated steel, cast iron, aluminium and its alloys) from all forms ofcorrosion as well as prevents a high-temperature corrosion of aluminiumsurfaces of modern engines throughout the entire service life of the solution; 
- The non-organic additive package protects the surface at once and theorganic part starts to act only when corrosion sources appear thus a maximumprotection is reached from the start of use and the service life of the engine isextended; 
- It has a good thermal stability. It protects from deposit formation; 
- It has excellent heat conductivity and a resistance to foam formation andcavitation, which is stable throughout the entire service life of the solution; 
- It is neutral to inserts and hoses, compatible with all types of rubber andplastic parts of the cooling system; 
- It has an excellent resistance to hard water and very low corrosion inhibitordepletion rates; 
- A high-efficiency additive package ensures an exceptional stability ofoperating properties of the antifreeze throughout the entire service life; 
- It is a liquid with an elevated level of borates and silicates. It does not containnitrates, phosphates and amines (the NAP free technology). 

Colour: yellow. 

It was specially developed for use in motorcycles, motor scooters,quadricycles, ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) and other types of two-wheeledvehicles. 
Service life: no less than 3 years depending on the recommendation of themanufacturer of the vehicle. 
To ensure best properties, do not dilute the solution!Do not allow overheating of the engine at more than 135°C / 275°F (at +1.5bar). 
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual!It contains a bitter additive to prevent swallowing!

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