Rain-X Rain Repellent Anti-Fog Value Pack

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Rain-X Rain Repellent Anti-Fog Value Pack

Value pack contains:

1 x Rain X Rain Repellent 200ml
1 x Rain X Anti-Fog 200ml

Rain-X Rain Repellent 200ml

Rain-X Rain Repellent 200ml will vastly improve your visibility when driving in wet conditions. Using clever water beading technology, water will be repelled from your windscreen thereby improving your driving experience and keeping you and everyone else safe!

Quick and super easy to use simply apply straight from the bottle and wipe off. No need to buff it.

  • Cleans automotive glass leaving your windscreen streak-free
  • Special beading technology ensures water beads up and rolls away
  • Removes snow, sleet, ice and bugs which tend to stick on your windscreen

Studies show that using this product will improve your visibility thereby drastically improving your reaction time in cases of emergency. A 1 second faster response time equals 90ft at 60mph!

200ml bottle

Rain-X Anti-Fog 200ml

Rain-X Anti-Fog 200ml is a specially designed formula that prevents interior condensation which results from wet weather, humidity and temperature changes. This product works extremely well, even in the most humid of conditions, and can be used on your vehicle windscreen, as well as bathroom mirrors and even your skiing goggles.

Prevents interior fogging before the problem begins
200ml bottles

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