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Redex AdBlue 10 Litre

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Redex AdBlue 10 Litres

If your car uses AdBlue®, you need a backup plan in case it runs out. AdBlue® is used in diesel cars to reduce emissions by up to 80%, and if your AdBlue® tank is empty, your car won’t start, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Topping up your AdBlue® can be difficult, as you need the right kind of bottle. This AdBlue’s® unique bottle has a secure opening and locking system so you don’t need to free pour it, preventing nasty spillages and odours.

The bottle can be stored safely in your boot without risk of leaking so you can use any time you start to run low.

  • Easy-pour solution
  • Reduces NOX emissions by up to 80%
  • Keep in the boot to top up
  • ISO22241-1 compliant

Features and Benefits:

  • AdBlue® is a diesel exhaust fluid that’s used inside diesel cars built after September 2015.
  • Containing a mix of urea and deionised water, it’s used to reduce exhaust emissions produced by diesel engines, and was introduced in response to the stricter emissions standards of Euro 6.
  • This AdBlue® conforms to the Euro 6 regulations, so it’s safe to use in all diesel engines that require it.
  • When used as part of a diesel exhaust system, the product essentially breaks down harmful mono-nitrogen oxide particles, helping to reduce the number of emissions released during diesel combustion.
  • Adding AdBlue® to your car should be easy, quick, and convenient. That’s why we’ve designed our 5l AdBlue® bottles with an easy-flow spout which guarantees simple pouring and minimal risk of spillages or overflows.
  • If you run out of AdBlue® while driving, you may notice a significant drop in engine performance.
  • That’s because, as emissions spike, your car will enter ‘limp’ mode, which means a limited top speed and loss of power to electricals like the stereo and air conditioning. Then, once you stop, you won’t be able to start the engine again until you top up with AdBlue®.
  • Don’t leave it to chance, and never ignore a low AdBlue® warning on your car’s dashboard.
  • Stock up on Adblue® today to ensure that you and your car can keep on driving.

How it Works:

  • Adblue® is a trusted diesel engine additive that reduces and maintains a low level of emissions from diesel vehicles.
  • Developed by scientists and tested in real-world conditions both in the lab and on the road, this AdBlue® product works to break down harmful particles before they can be released into the atmosphere, so you can be sure your car works as it should and conforms to the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.
  • Unsure where to add Adblue® to your car? Typically, the Adblue® filler cap is blue and appears under the bonnet, next to the fuel filler cap, or in the boot. Check your car’s manual to find the location of your Adblue® filler cap.
  • Generally, you’ll need to top up your car’s Adblue® every 3,000-12,000 miles depending on your car, tank size and driving style.
  • Typical consumption of Adblue® is around 1l per 600 miles but, again, this can vary depending on your engine size and how economically you drive
  • Adblue® 10L is manufactured in the UK under licence from Yara International.

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Free UK Delivery Free shipping for all orders over £25*
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