Shell Advance Vsx Motorcycle Oil 2 Fc/Egd 1Ltr

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Shell Advance VSX 2 (FC/EGD)



Synthetic Based Motorcycle 2 Stroke engine oil

Performance, Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent engine protection and cleanliness
    The formulation is carefully balanced and specifically tested in 2-stroke engines to prevent scuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation. The engine life is prolonged and the original performance level maintained.

  • Superior control against exhaust system blocking
    The formulation prevents exhaust system deposits keeping engine performance at the original level.

  • Minimised exhaust smoke
    The high amount and carefully selected polyisobutylenes, as carefully balanced components, minimise exhaust smoke, reducing the environmental impact.

  • Superior engine efficiency and power
    The beneficial burning characteristics allow fast adaptation to new driver requirements improving acceleration performances and increasing power output.

  • Very good self mixing properties
    Shell Advance VSX 2 contains a hydrocarbon diluent and it can therefore be used both in oil injection systems fitted to modern 2-stroke motorcycles and in premix systems.

  • All 2-stroke motorcycle engines with oil injection or premix system
  • Recommended for high-performance air and water cooled 2-stroke engines
  • Shell Advance VSX 2 should not be used in outboard engines. The appropriate Shell Nautilus Oil is recommended for this application.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:

Shell Advance VSX 2 meets the requirements of all leading motorcycle manufacturers.

For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Helpdesk.


Physical properties:

Health and Safety

Shell Advance VSX 2 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained.

Avoid contact with skin. Use impervious gloves with used oil. After skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water.

Guidance on Health and Safety is available on the appropriate Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from

Protect the Environment

Take used oil to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.


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