Slick 50 Engine Treatment 500ml

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SLICK 50 Engine Treatment 500ml

SLICK 50 Engine Treatment is a unique formula that helps to extend engine life for new or old petrol and diesel engines, including vehicles with turbochargers. SLICK 50 Engine Treatment gives durable protection during successive oil changes, during tough stop/start driving, high temperature and high stress conditions thereby lowering the risk of costly engine repairs, re-builds and breakdowns.

Product Benefits:

  • Helps protect against friction and heat
  • Sustains optimum performance
  • Extends engine life
  • Treats the engine not the oil
  • Laboratory tested, road proven
  • Compatible with all mineral & synthetic engine oils

Fully Formulated Engine Oil

Enhanced semi-synthetic engine oil meets API SM/CF requirements to better ensure your oil change is NOT diluted.

Friction Modifier

Proprietary formulation creating enhanced layer of lubrication to minimize heat produced by friction in your engine, resulting in energy savings and smoother operation.

Anti-Wear Agent

Forms a self-regenerating protective surface between metal engine parts to prevent metals from grating together.


Helps keep engine clean by preventing the build-up of sludge and deposits on engine parts

Compatible with all major types of mineral and semi-synthetic motor oil, safe for petrol and diesel engines.

Use at every oil change for maximum effectiveness or at least every 20,000km.

SLICK 50 Engine Treatment

  • Is formulated with API SM/CF compliant engine oil
  • Will not cause corrosion of engine components
  • Will not void manufaturer's warranties
  • Will not dilute your oil change

500ml bottle

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